Friday, October 2, 2015


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On May 4, 1886, Chicago was rocked by the first dynamite bomb thrown in America.

This epic period piece deals with everything from the struggle for the eight hour workday, the plight of the immigrant, interracial marriage, a corrupt Justice system, police brutality,  the origin of May Day, the concentration of wealth in a few hands, and an utter disregard of the Constitution of this land. 

Come be a part of this revolutionary theatrical performance!

 Bloody Haymarket is a full sensory experience! Join us for the 130th anniversary of the Haymarket Affair.

Shows run April 30th,  May 4th, May 7th, May 14th, May 21st, and closing night May 28th @ 8pm.

Playing at the 

IrishAmericanHeritage Center

4626 N. Knox Ave.
Chicago, IL 60641

Photos compliments of Wayne Kupferer - Media: Asta Razma


Good Reads:

Death in the Haymarketby James Green

Haymarket Revisited 

by William Adelman

" There will be a time when our silence will be louder than the voices you strangle here today." - August Spies
David Hartley as Albert Parsons
Elliot Lerner as August Spies
Michael Golas as George Engel
Alex Fortune as Adolph Fischer
Tonya Simmons as Lucy Parsons
Cliff Holmes as Chief Inspector Bonfield
Eric K. Roberts as Louis Lingg
Brad Davidson as Captain Black
George Hambach as Mayor Carter Harrison
Ben Powell as Samuel Fielden
Andrew Buell as Potter Palmer and William Ward
Blythe Bauer as Bertha Palmer
Peter Nerad as Judge Gary and Supt. Hickey
Asta Razma as Nannie Field
Jenny Miller as Nannie Field
Ric Morgan as Marshall Field
Octavio Torres as Michael Schwab
Meir as Neebe
Eric Coleman as Julius Grinnell
David McGrath as 1880's Comic
Ben David Garza as Governor Oglesby
Dave Kwitkowski as various
Wayne Kupferer
Bloody Haymarket at Fire Fest 

May Day 2016 at the Haymarket Martyrs Monument

Bloody Haymarket 30 second Commercial Spot

Bloody Haymarket at Kriskindlemart