Tuesday, October 20, 2020

My Coachella Experience by Mary

Coachella 2019

My Coachella experience in 2019 was a spur of the moment experience for me. I love music but I don't like large crowds. I am not a party kind of girl. I prefer staying at home or eating out with friends on my free time. I don't like to party or go to festivals. My friends who love to go to parties and festivals made me go. At first, I was very surprised with the large crowd, the venue, and the music. It was a good awakening for me. I made me realize to enjoy life more. I enjoyed the company of my friends. I get to see a lot of artists. It was an overwhelming experience but it is one for the books. It is a three day event held in Indio, Ca. We stayed in a hotel for three days. There was a shuttle from the hotel that brings us to the venue everyday. The event starts around 4pm where there are various artists who are already performing. The main event starts around 9pm where the main artist performs. The event ends around midnight. The festival was fun not just for music but also because there a lot of cute outfits to look at, instagram-worthy spots, and delicous food to try. I bonded with my friends. We enjoyed the good music, good food, and good company. It was one of my memorable experiences ever. If ever I have the chance to again, I would definitely go again.