Saturday, February 23, 2019

Darren Miller's Amazing Leap of Faith

The hedge eventually belched up his wallet.


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Hard Working immigrants; salt of the earth and backbone of America!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Bob Ross: Round 2

Bob Ross: the man, the myth, the wet on wet guru. Our class can't get enough of his painting method and mesmerizing pipes. And to think, this dude spent 20 years in the military yelling at people to stand up straight...

Title: 'Wild Jungle'

Blue sky calms people down
Green trees make them relaxed
Dark soil nurtures those trees
But we need colorful flowers to embellish the world and create happiness

- Raymond

Title: “Season in the eyes”

The companion poem:

“Snow falling above
Shades changing below
Let your tears go
Like rivers that flow.”

- Dao

“Trees are here to give us support,

 The beauty of the spring is approaching to give us peace
 All we were waiting for.”

- Eliana

"Happy painting makes your day happy you will make things nicely."

- Farida

Look into the green. Since you fell in love with them
You would know my mind .


"I think the closest any of us will ever get to God, or a higher consciousness, or whatever you call it; is when doing art, when possessed by the spirit and guided by the bold strokes of the artist."

- Eric 

Another class, another tutorial...

Munkhzaya was inspired by the genius work of Mykola. In her mind were the words  that you always have a second chance; just keep doing it, don't give up. Just take a look at this painting, it's fantastic!

 "I wanted to capture how the colors are diffused and mixed in the distance, but also the impressive intense blue of the sky."

- Fatima

"I was born in Turkey. I am inspired from nature and the beauties of America in this painting."

- M.Cosku Gursoy

Rebecca is from Vietnam. She started painting when she was little. Even though her mother didn’t support her passion but that didn’t stop her from pursuing what she loves to do.

"There are two things that calm my soul down - art and nature. This painting is a reflection of my soul. This painting is my soul."-Vitalina
The painting is titled "Island in the Sea" and was created by a Japanese immigrant named Eri. "Island in the Sea" represents a he feeling of isolation that immigrants often feel when they migrate to a country with very different cultures, languages and appearances. While integrating into a new culture can be lonely at times it can also be beautiful.

"I am truly blessed to have these amazing folks as my students." - Eric

Do Art Daily

And one more by Farida...

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

GT Poetry

What is love [/lษ™v/] ? 

Love. One word. Four letters. Hundreds of different meanings.

Some people think - it’s giving you their sweaters.
Others say it’s all about keenings.

I thinks it’s a giving and taking. It’s an up and down. Can be heartbreaking. 

And its still just a noun.         -LB


You brought me sunshine,
when I only saw rain.
You brought me laughter,
when I only felt pain.


Hidden Warsaw 

  My Dear Readers,  
  I want to encourage you today in our magazine to visit Europe, and its capitals! It is one of the oldest continents, full of history, wonderful secrets, museums, old cities and castles.

  We will start our journey with sightseeing from Warsaw, the capital of Poland. The seat of Art, Authority, and Culture.

  Warsaw is, not only the present capital, but also the largest city in Poland. It dates back to the 12th or 13th century, when the historical oldest manor of the Jazdรณw dukes (now Ujazdรณw) was created historically in the former Warsaw.

Next week we shall you in Paris!
  The oldest important castle center from the tenth century associated with the incorporation of Mazovia into the Mieszko  estate, where the settlement moved to the bank of the Vistula. Over the centuries, the city experienced splendor, but on several occasions it was on the verge of complete destruction, during Swedish, Russian and German invasions. But we, a strong people, have rebuilt this amazing city.

  For those who have not come here yet; it is a must-see! Please Go and Visit this Incredible Unforgettable Place! We invite All of You to visit us and read our magazine every week!


Thai food, the best food,
I can’t stop eating it.
Lots of flavor diffused in my mouth,
If you try once, you need it forever.


Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Bob Ross Day

This morning in class we watched an oil painting tutorial by the legendary Bob Ross...

Here are the results along with the Artists' Bios...

Eric Coleman
Coleman was born in a log cabin he built with his own two hands. His inspirations include gobbing on paint, fits of mania, and malarial fever dreams.

Farida Salmina

It was in a small village that Farida was born, far from the city.

This painting is Weixun's lasting legacy to the art world and we are lucky to be able to showcase it here. Follow him on social media, just don't follow him on the street.

Freya Dao

Nature nurtures creativity. When you truly sense, with your whole body, the beauty of this vast universe manifests in either big or little things, you”ll feel the inner flow of inspiration that pushes you to create. Let it come out by whatever means you have.


This landscape is a vision of the mountains surrounded by vivid flowers,  a peaceful ocean and the sense of freshness. 

“ If there is something that I like when I paint , it is the feeling of calmness.”


Nhan would like us to remember, "This isn't a dream, this is a reality."



๐Ÿ˜ŠIt is what it is !!๐Ÿญ

Good man does the right thing, even when it's rough.

If everything is exactly the way it should be, I’m totally FINE.