Wednesday, February 6, 2019

GT Poetry

What is love [/ləv/] ? 

Love. One word. Four letters. Hundreds of different meanings.

Some people think - it’s giving you their sweaters.
Others say it’s all about keenings.

I thinks it’s a giving and taking. It’s an up and down. Can be heartbreaking. 

And its still just a noun.         -LB


You brought me sunshine,
when I only saw rain.
You brought me laughter,
when I only felt pain.


Hidden Warsaw 

  My Dear Readers,  
  I want to encourage you today in our magazine to visit Europe, and its capitals! It is one of the oldest continents, full of history, wonderful secrets, museums, old cities and castles.

  We will start our journey with sightseeing from Warsaw, the capital of Poland. The seat of Art, Authority, and Culture.

  Warsaw is, not only the present capital, but also the largest city in Poland. It dates back to the 12th or 13th century, when the historical oldest manor of the Jazdów dukes (now Ujazdów) was created historically in the former Warsaw.

Next week we shall you in Paris!
  The oldest important castle center from the tenth century associated with the incorporation of Mazovia into the Mieszko  estate, where the settlement moved to the bank of the Vistula. Over the centuries, the city experienced splendor, but on several occasions it was on the verge of complete destruction, during Swedish, Russian and German invasions. But we, a strong people, have rebuilt this amazing city.

  For those who have not come here yet; it is a must-see! Please Go and Visit this Incredible Unforgettable Place! We invite All of You to visit us and read our magazine every week!


Thai food, the best food,
I can’t stop eating it.
Lots of flavor diffused in my mouth,
If you try once, you need it forever.


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