Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Bob Ross Day

This morning in class we watched an oil painting tutorial by the legendary Bob Ross...

Here are the results along with the Artists' Bios...

Eric Coleman
Coleman was born in a log cabin he built with his own two hands. His inspirations include gobbing on paint, fits of mania, and malarial fever dreams.

Farida Salmina

It was in a small village that Farida was born, far from the city.

This painting is Weixun's lasting legacy to the art world and we are lucky to be able to showcase it here. Follow him on social media, just don't follow him on the street.

Freya Dao

Nature nurtures creativity. When you truly sense, with your whole body, the beauty of this vast universe manifests in either big or little things, you”ll feel the inner flow of inspiration that pushes you to create. Let it come out by whatever means you have.


This landscape is a vision of the mountains surrounded by vivid flowers,  a peaceful ocean and the sense of freshness. 

“ If there is something that I like when I paint , it is the feeling of calmness.”


Nhan would like us to remember, "This isn't a dream, this is a reality."



😊It is what it is !!🐭

Good man does the right thing, even when it's rough.

If everything is exactly the way it should be, I’m totally FINE.


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