Saturday, January 31, 2015

2015 Redondo Beach City Council Debates District 3

Or what about restoring the Pier to the look of yesteryear...

Soon we will see if the promise of democracy can bring true and actual change to local government or if it will, once again, deliver the goods for the same interchangeable network of water carriers for the vested interests that have such a stranglehold on our city. This election will be decided by just a handful of people when compared to the city’s population. And I ask myself, is the system purposely engineered to be boring; is the show produced to turn people off and make them passionately apathetic?
I suppose a smaller electorate is easier to manipulate, exploit and profit from. And make no mistake about that; profit is this tight-knit group’s interest, not the people of Redondo. Not every inch of ground needs development is a foreign concept to these jackals. The time has come to elect someone who is not just another cookie cutter bureaucratic rubber stamp cog in a vested interest money making machine.
And also, I promise that if elected, City Council meetings will no longer be the stale stodgy soul sucking affairs they are now. Cruel caricatures of meetings where minds have been made up before the pointless pageantry begins. Where anything that might be deemed controversial is shelved for last, postponed indefinitely or discussed in the backroom during closed session. Not one more meeting that resembles a military tribunal on Thorazine. There will be fun. Vote Coleman. Or maybe Mae West was right, if voting changed anything they would make it illegal.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Dr. William Douglas Echols blows the lid off the PUBLIC SAFETY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX

Periodically throughout history Utopian dreams have ended up being draconian nightmares. We saw it in The French Revolution when the mob, (called the Council on Public Safety) turned so ugly they finally guillotined their head executioner Maximillien Robespierre.

Perhaps Robespierre said it best, right before he had is head lopped off, "pity is treason."