Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I swear to Zeus, this court ruling today can cram it. We pay how much in tax, how many taxes, and what do we get for it? A military budget that knows no bounds? Bail outs to crooks on Wall street who control the White House? Covert operations to oust or otherwise assassinate democratically elected representatives? The luxury of being shot dead by the police for asking questions? The interest on the national debt? 

Great idea; let's pay another tax to a bill which is nothing more than a throw back to Big Healthcare! And taxes never seem to go down, do they? I suppose, if by health, you mean a money grab by sick individuals, and, by care, you mean a ruthless prostate exam carried out by a dehydrated prospector in search of gold; then, by all means, sign up. In droves even. As for me, I'm letting this fucker die a slow painful death. More to the point; you want to  sign me up, there, big brother? Go for it. Sign me up. You have all my information, and don't pretend you don't. Oh yeah, and I'm sure the White House will make good  on its reassurance to regulate the run away train that is the National Security State; where a band aid on an amputation is, well, good medisin. Colonists vehemently protested a tax increase of 2%, which in turn kicked of the American Revolution. Torch the swine. Not signing up for Obamacare. Either that or I'm becoming an illegal alien in my own country.

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