Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Copy and Distribute Worldwide

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  1. i think we should petition to rename the city "RETARDO BEACH"..... the council doesn't care they ALL will take their "retirement" when they are termed out and won't care that they have saddled us the something that will never turn a dime..... Where is the business plan that this is based on ..... the movie "Field of Dreams"?????? build it and they will come???? please.... and where are the 30,000 cars filled with people coming from ???? siberia??????? for god's sake, who's taking their kids to a movie at the beach.... no one.... who's taking anyone to a movie? no one.... look around movie theater complexes are out of date and wallowing in defeat/disrepair and potential bankruptcy...... in the LA Register (which, for some reason shows up on my driveway on sunday morning) there was an article about the Del Amo Mall and the manager stated (please make sure you look at the article as my memory isn't what it used to be) he is spending $200 million in renovations and isn't sure it is going to work as there is too much competition........ HELLO?????? Who is the Anchor business to secure this new abomination by the sea??? oh, don't have one do we....... please do not let the "its too big to fail" council get away with this.......... i for one do not wish to live "IN THE CITY BY THE MALL, WHERE THE SEA USED TO BE............"