Thursday, November 21, 2013

Shooting the Breeze

BRUCE: welcome to the "Pier of the City" or is that "Heart of the Pier"? my condolences to all the business' that we have supported and enjoyed over the years, as it is obvious there is no place for them in the Council's Grand Plan to turn the pier area into the new DEATH VALLEY......... recall these morons..... uh oh, might be too late to WAKE UP REDONDO..........

COLEMAN: Build it and they will come. Heart of the Pier. Pier of the City. Too big to fail. Welcome to the new future Super Pier that NOBODY wants. It's not a mall it's a lifestyle center. A living machine. Death valley is right. Can't drink the water. Can't swim in the water. Redondo ranks 8th worst in the State for water quality. Dangerous levels of E Coli off Pier. It would have cost 2 million dollars to punch 2 holes in the Pier to oxegenate the harbor. Invisible Tourists will come from around the world to catch a glimpse of a million dead fish. No viable mass transit system to get these Tourists here. Buses still stop running at 8:30. By CenterCal's own estimates there will be 39,000 cars housed in the massive parking structure per weekend. That's 140 miles of car. But I'm sure we'll still win the Mayor's Blue Zone Challenge. Barf. Just barf. Rubber stamping. Developer rimming. Bastards.

BRUCE: i would like to ask the "illuminati" on the council this simple question: "Where is it that you think all these visitors (39,000 cars per weekend) are coming from?" are we bussing them in? well then we don't need the parking structures... Are we flying them in from the 4 corners of the world?....well then we still don't need parking for 39,000..... geeeezzzzzz..... where did you idiots get your information from..... oh, and did you forget that you were elected to represent the residents of redondo? Wake up redondo...... it's not too late to stop the madness..... let's start by removing the crazies from the council and putting them in the asylum.........

  • COLEMAN:  Where are these tourists coming from? I thought people went on vacation to get away from malls?
  • Save Historic Redondo I got it; we'll kidnap the tourists and bus them in!


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