Friday, November 8, 2013

The Rise and Fall of Measure B

Well the noise Nazis lost a battle in Tuesday's election; but don't think these hyper sensitive premature babies won't redouble their efforts to turn Hermosa Beach into some kind of perverse summer camp. If Measure B had passed the bars along Pier Avenue would have had to close their doors earlier; setting a new precedent in California. Welcome to the Sunshine State; no talking above a whisper, lights out at 10:30.

Time and time again these Mickey Mouse Club brats amble their way into the South Bay, move next door to an establishment like the Lighthouse (a nightclub that used to be frequented by Jazz greats like Light Dizzy Gillespie), complain about the noise and somehow succeed in reducing a proprietor's hours. How did they not see the Nightclub when they moved in? Either these stunted transplants have been brain baked by the unceasing Southern California sun or they've finally succumbed to the urge and have guzzled ocean water wholesale.

And more to the point doesn't this whole issue come down to their noise versus our noise. Everyone needs noise; we are enveloped by it constantly. There is no escape. These human cuttlefish just want it to be their noise; White noise. 

Perhaps the people who brought you Measure B (are you listening Lissner?) should try moving next door to Guantanamo Bay. Then maybe we'll finally be able to shut that bastard down. 


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