Thursday, July 31, 2014

It's Not A Conspiracy Until The Helicopters Land On Your Roof

And this was recorded 10 days before the assassination!

Waldo, long time spook. Seems to be in the background in a surprising amount of this type of thing. 10 points if you can find him, Waldo that is...

How many buildings fell on 9-11? Answer: 4
This is World Trade Center number 7 (the one we're not supposed to talk about).

Amazing he could pull that all off in a couple hours...
And the insurance money doubled!

100,000 points if you can explain this one to us...

Yeah thanks a lot Ike, you gave those psychos everything they wanted while you were in. Then on your way out the door he turned around and told us, 'Hey you better watch out for these evil bastards.'

And now from the former President to the present...

Revolution Now!

- The Executive Committee

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