Sunday, November 16, 2014

Flood the Ballot

I couldn't agree more. However I truly think that the ruling class has always ruled the way they saw fit using there bought and paid for minions to control and manipulate the masses. This is nothing new. But every now and then throughout history there comes real change. And that only occurs when the vast majority of people are pushed so far up against the wall in their struggle to survive that they see no other alternative than to rise up en mass and rip off their chains. The French revolution is a prime example. The people rose up and quite effectively chopped off the top ten % of society and redistributed the wealth. Perhaps the past is prologue for today's America. Wealth and power is accruing in to ever fewer hands. Much like with the Mafia the vast vast majority of economic gains flow upward to the people who already own everything. Ever more avenues of political expression are being choked off and/or are being commodified for ever more profit. While people who feel powerless are channeled in to manipulated voices that blindly support the oligarchy to their own detriment. The working class is being squeezed for every ounce of profit that can be wrung out of them in myriad ways for the benefit of the top tier of society. And the poor are demonized and marginalized if not imprisoned; and as always, for profit. If we continue along this unsustainable path then yes indeed the past just may be prologue. The kindling is there and primed; all it takes is a spark. If it comes to it what will be our storming of the Bastille? Fraternatie! Egalatrie! Libertie!

- Jamie Quinones
Long Time Friend and Like-Minded Voter

M Y    H E R O

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