Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March 3rd 2015 Election Results

I would like to sincerely thank all those brave souls who voted for me on Election Day. Our campaign had always been about ideas, big ideas, and you got that.

District 3 Semi-Official Results

Christian Anthony Horvath        771      34.1%
Candace Allen Nafissi                798      35.3%
Sam Kartounian                         354      15.7%
Sandy Marchese                         192       8.5%
Eric J. Coleman                          145       6.4%

Total                                            2260     100%

By the way, a joke is half truth (that's what makes it funny).

I read an email this morning and it made my day, and for that matter it made the campaign...

Hello Eric,

Just wanted to tell you that as we walked into our polling place last night my husband shouted out, "Vote Coleman and end this shit show!"  

So, even though I ripped you for using the word in a previous email, it obviously gained some traction with some people (like my husband).  :)

Anyway..well run campaign and I'm sorry you weren't higher in the polls. 

And if you have any  t-shirts left, my husband would love one (obviously).  Ha.

I hope we can meet you and buy you a beer one day.

Oh, and thanks for the mini-Constitution booklet!

Lara Duke

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