Friday, January 27, 2017

The Battle of Redondo: Punk Power in the South Bay

The Rent Coaster 9000 

WIDE ANGLE (same take)

Redondo's 2nd Mayoral Debate: FULL VERSION

footnote: The Coleman Administration has decided to scrap the Homeless Cannibalization Initiative; instead opting to remedy this homelessness epidemic by offering the mentally deficient jobs in City Hall. They would fit in quite nicely there. 


Hunter S. Coleman on the Marijuana Moratorium 

City Council Meeting 2/21/2017 . 
Made the papers. The cursing that is... 
What Happened To You Redondo?
Meet me in the parking lot for an attitude adjustment. 
Especially you stodgies
We have a chicken to smoke.
Anyone have a light?
Hunter S. Thompson ran for Sheriff of Aspen in 1969
One of his platforms was to rename Aspen 'Fat Head City'
In an effort to deter land developers.

'The Battle of Aspen' links:

Next, here are clips from a Candidate Forum held 2/18/2017 at United Methodist Church, put on by the League of Women Voters. The League had plans to video these debates but then came along the bad apples. Four candidates objected to the debates being filmed. OneView InRedondo put it like this, "... makes ya wonder why, doesn’t it? Runnin’ for office and you don’t want a video of your performance? You don’t want folks hearin’ what you have to say ‘specially those who couldn’t make it?" Word on the street is that Doug Rodriguez, John Gran, and Martha Barbee are the toadies responsible for this coup. Evidently, it's also a secret who wanted to keep the meeting secret (real P.A.T.R.I.O.T. A.C.T. crap). If this is true then these despicable wolves masquerading as kindly shepherds have proven their utter contempt for democracy and ought to be banished from Redondo, indefinitely. I'm sure there are plenty of caves on Catalina Island that would make for a lovely home.

Vote No on Pat Aust!

This is a Clip from another forum where the Pro Over-Development Candidates didn't even bother to show up...

There Will Be Pier!!!

And let us not forget about a Mediterranean Beach for a Truly Round Redondo...

Forget the children for once, what about us?


Dear Eric, 

Here is my drawing of the pier. I would just like to say I really respect what you're doing.  When I heard there were developers trying to renovate or destroy the pier it broke my heart. There's a certain charm and character to the Redondo Pier, and any major mall or development would ruin that.

Best of luck, 

- Stephen Pagan


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