Friday, January 10, 2014

Coleman's Message to the Youth: Fight! Resist! Endure!

    This week the Redondo Beach School Board voted, in a 3-2 decision, to allow drug sniffing dogs on campus at Redondo Union High School.
R U High Principal Nicole Wesley hiccuped, “I believe this will be a strong deterrent on campus if students see the dogs.” 

    Then Laura Emdee chimed in, “I didn’t think it was right to do it to the kids, but, we have a district committee and we gave them the task to look this over and if we aren’t going to take their recommendation, then what’s the point of having the committee?

    Ostensibly this is about the War on Drugs. Is it? Has there been one overdose? Is there really an epidemic? Or, as I suspect, this is just one more road sign on the path to adulthood that reads; we own you out right, and by the way, you have no rights. The Constitution is no longer taught in Civics Class. Try History. It's down the hall, next to the dogs sniffing lockers. Just like a Pier can double as a mall, High School is becoming a Maximum Security Day Care Center. If anything, it's a War on Youth. 

    When we were kids we had toys with sharp edges to play with. It wasn't the rounder Redondo of today, a less redundant Redondo. Welcome to Redondo Beach; the town that fun forgot. A big pat on the back and then back to bed for all of you. Our benevolent overlords passed a curfew ordinance when we were thirteen years old. Lights out by 10pm. We were right on the back of that wave and, as you can imagine, the arbitrary curfew didn't stick. We went out any way. Our mentality; so let me get this straight, a year ago, when were younger, we could stay out later? I mean, if the cops caught us we would have had our parents woken up but we wouldn't have gotten a ticket. Their experiment in social engineering failed. Bad wiring, faulty programming, I reckon. These kids today though... God help 'em.

I suppose some day we will all be sitting on our porches in curbed rocking chair reminiscing about the good old days; before the street cameras had guns.

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