Friday, May 3, 2019

Robert Johnson at the Crossroads

Robert Johnson vs. the Devil

Robert Johnson: Hey buddy, What cha doin’?

Devil: Hi, Where are you going, man?

R: Nowhere man, just walking without any destination, But wait!! Why don’t you have legs man? How you stand on the floor?

D: It’s special right?

R: Where is my guitar? Give it back to me man! I have nothing left. That’s my soul.

D:Yea,I can give it to you. But you gotta make a choice, ya got two choices. First, from this day forward, you have nine years to live. You can do whatever you want. You will be rich as much as you want. But after that I WILL TAKE YOU!!!

R: How about the second one?

D: It’s you just living your normal life.

R: Everybody wants to be rich. So tired of being poor. I choose first

A horn blows off in the distance.

He wakes up in the middle of the road. He can’t decide. Is that real or not. But it’s still stuck in his head.

--------------9 years later ------------

He is being famous and rich. Unfortunately, those things bring him to have drug addiction. One night, those memories came back to his brain again. He saw that the big man is going to come and take him, because of that deal he made, he drinks poisoned alcohol at the age of 27.

-       -  Patt

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