Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The perfect escape - Wiola

The perfect escape.

Sometimes we all need to close some doors in our lives. Just to be free and happy again. Thank God that when this time came into my life I wasn't alone and had someone who needed to run away as much I did.

One meeting for coffee and together with Patty, we had a plan. Little crazy, actually there not even a plan, just purchased in 15 minutes plane tickets. Stockholm!!! - our dreamed destination that with previous circumstances seemed to be unreachable.
The tickets were bought soon enough to find some place to sleep and things we want to see but the rule was only one. To make some recognition but to let ourselves to take whatever each day in Stockholm will offer.
Then it happened. One night in an underground hostel, two nights on a ship (the one above), and the last night in a pricey hotel to celebrate our freedom. The rest? Who would know?
Oh and I forgot to mention that during this trip I had a birthday. Till this time the best one in my life. But about it a little later..
When we came to Stockholm right away we felt like we are in our home. Why? Maybe it was the fact of similar architecture to Cracow, Wroclaw, or Prague we knew very well. Or maybe it was just the fact that we escaped in a second from our problems and concerns. It seemed to be too good to be true that the first step in a foreign country changed already so much.
The first night we went to the old town - Gamla Stan. How beautiful is there I can't even describe. The time somehow stooped and the night was sooooo long that we saw even more than we wished. Going back to our hostel at 4 am showed us the nightlife in the city, the kindness of people for lost girls (yep it happened during the first night.), and many interesting conversations with drunk people going back to their homes or hotels after the existing party nigh. Well, we weren't completely sober too so maybe that's why those conversations were so interesting...
But the day that changed everything and made me feel really free was the day of my birthday. Might sound cliche but really it was then. One of the funniest days of my life. Full of new experiences, beautiful views, and crazy unplanned birthday party in October Fest tent. I would never imagined that in Stockholm I would stand on a table in the middle of crowded Fest tent to hear how all the people sing Happy Birthday to me in three languages: English, Swedish, and Polish. Can you imagine? My own language used just for me, by the foreign band in Sweden, because somehow the singer used to have a Polish girlfriend that taught him just this one birthday song. Later on, we stayed there till 6 am talking with the Fest crew about everything even though no one supposed to be there after 11 pm.
That was our last night in Stockholm and we had to pack for the flight back before 7 am to get on the airport on time. How stupid it was staying in the City so long knowing about early flight? We didn't care. We just took everything that the moment offered for us.

Carpe Diem people!

The rest I will write maybe in the future. But it was just the small piece of my experience...

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