Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Volodymyr Baistruk

Story about my Miami trip.
Little story about my Miami 2020 New Year event. We was planning this trip couple weeks. Actually it was my first time when I celebrated New Year event in Miami. Means warm weather. All my life I was celebrated New Year events in cold climate with snow. We was start our trip from Chicago with my best friends.  In Chicago the weather was really cold. When we came to Miami we really was exited what weather was so cool and warm. 

It was December 31 when we arrived to Miami and we didn't have enough time to prepare our New Year event. So we decided find some cool place to make New Year Party. We was find some one. It was https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P58rGKbiL64 The Casino at Gulfstream Park. This place was amazing, there was a lot different food place. The food smells so good. So many different nationality people was there. I'm really recommended this place to celebrate any events. This event was perfect with many DJs, really good music, really nice food and very friendly people. In my life it was one of the best New Year party.     

In my opinion New Year event in warm where is really different from cold one. You are filling so open mind and so comfortable. I will repeat this experience again next year for sure. Probably just change the place. We had very good vacation at this trip with so many funs. I love you MIAMI.  

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