Friday, February 1, 2013

Miguel Mas's attempted interview of Eric Pendergraft:


Recently there's been a lot of talk about Measure A being a 'taking'. Let's discuss what they have been taking from us for years. AES has been taking our waterfront, our skyline, and even our health. AES has also been taking advantage of tax loopholes grandfathered in by Edison. And now they want to give us a retooled powerplant in our backyard, which will spew 5 to 15 times more particulate matter into our air. Something else they want to give us is 38 acres of 'mixed use' zoning on the property with no guarantee that land won't slowly be sold off to condo developers. The plant is unnecessary to the grid and to the residents of Redondo. Measure A settles the issue; rezoning the land 60% open space and 40% commercial, with a fund from the commercial area set up to pay for upkeep on the open space. AES will still own the land. This decision will effect our quality of life for decades if not a century yet to come.

Don't let the door hit you on the AES, on your way out.

Yes on Measure A

Vote Coleman March 5th, 2013!


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