Thursday, March 12, 2020

Language as Music

Good Language is a kind of music...

And put to drums...

So what does English sound like to non-native speakers?

You can learn a lot from English songs... well maybe not all songs...

Some Good musicians/bands for learning English:

- Beatles
- Bob Dylan
-Johnny Cash
- Tom Waits
- Arcade Fire
Talking Heads
- Modest Mouse
- Vampire Weekend
- David Bowie
- Blues

Why are they good? Well, they’ve all got at least one of the following qualities:
  1. Repetitive – As Jason said, the more you repeat, the more you remember.
  2. Easy to understand – If you can hear the lyrics (song words) easily, you’ll pick them up quicker and learn quicker.
  3. Great storytelling – So much of speaking a language is about being able to tell a story. I’ve chosen some of these bands for their great storytelling.
  4. A link to culture and humour – Music, culture and humour (sense of comedy) are closely connected to language.
  5. Good use of idiomatic language – Idiomatic language (phrases, phrasal verbs, idioms, proverbs, etc.) are a key part of learning a language.
  6. Powerful “earworms” – This is a new word in English, borrowe from the Germans. It means that the song will stay in your head for a long time. If it stays in your head, you’re repeating it and learning faster!

And The Saddest Song ever Sung




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