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Who is the greatest of all time?

The greatest 3 players who ever played tennis in modern time are the swiss maestro Roger Federer, The spanish armada Rafael Nadal and the superb serb Novak Djokovic. All together combined, they hold 56 grand slam titles under their belts. Grand Slams are the 4 major tennis tournaments that are held every year and are the most watched by the fans. The first grand slam of the year is the Australian Open located in Melbourne, Vicotria and the surface that is used is hard. Second grand slam is the French Open located in Paris, France and it's surface is clay. Third grand slam is Wimbledon located in London, England and it's surface is grass. The final tournament is the US Open located in Queens, New York and holds a hard surface on it's courts.

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                             Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne Park

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                  Phillip Chatrier Court, Roland Garros, Paris

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                     Centre Court, Wimbledon, London

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               Arthur Ashe Stadium, Flushing Meadows, New York  

Each of the 3 players are considered legends in one of those 4 tournaments. Roger Federer is the king of grass, winning 8 wimbledon titles and reaching 12 finals. Rafael Nadal is the undisputed champion in the french open, winning a record breaking 12 titles and losing only twice since his debut at the tournament. For Novak Djokovic, he is the ruler in Melbourne, winning 8 australian open crowns out of 8 finals. As far as rank is concerned, Federer comes first with 20 total slams, followed by Nadal with 19 slams and then Djokovic comes last with 17 titles.When it comes to the debate of who's the greatest of all time, it gets really tricky to decide which one of them is the all mighty king. One major factor that should be taken into consideration is the head to head record between players and each other, and when we take a look we see that Djokovic comes on top beating both Federer and Nadal by a slim margin. Another factor is the win loss record for each player on each surface. It's safe to stay Nadal is basically undefeated on clay, he only lost around 10-15 matches throughout his lengthy career. But if we look at grass and hard surfaces, we find that Djokovic and Federer fare better, winning more titles and matches than Nadal. In my opinion, I think that they are all amazing atheletes that took the game to a whole new level, and it's hard to decide which one is the greatest of all time until they all retire so that the debate would be fair for everyone.

Image result for roger federer wimbeldon             Image result for rafael nadal roland garros

       Roger Federer                                      Rafael Nadal

Image result for novak djokovic australian open

      Novak Djokovic

Check out this link for the best points played for the top 3.
Who's the greatest of all time?

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